Famous Quotes by Albert Einstein

Einstein the Mathematician - Einstein the father of Relativity!


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Before God
Only two things are infinite
The hardest thing
The important thing
Most beautiful thing
The most incomprehensible thing
Release of atomic energy
Secret to creativity
Significant problems
Try not
Common sense
You cannot
Science without religion
If A is success in life
Power of the atom
Appallingly obvious
You ask me if I
Reality is
Not everything
The discovery of
In the middle of difficulty
Speak of technical things
If I'd known
I want to know all Gods thoughts
That's relativity
Experience of mystery
The difference
God does not care
If we knew
Education is
Science is
World War IV
Any intelligent fool
Never made a mistake
Whoever undertakes
Only a life lived for others
The only thing
Do not worry
A table, a chair
I never think
Pursuit of truth
Military service
Applied science
Made a mistake
Source of knowledge
A hundred times
Great and pure individuals
I cannot believe
If I had only known
Rules of warfare
I'm so smart
Laws of mathematics
Change the facts
Describe the truth
Supreme art
Technological progress
I was lucky
Desire for peace

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