William Shakespeare epitaph (Poem - Shakespeare)
Winston Churchill ( Soldier and Statesman)
Jesse James headstone (Outlaw and cowboy) 
William Bonney tombstone (Billy the Kid - cowboy )
Cecil John Rhodes ( South African Politician)
Wyatt Earp ( Sheriff of Tombstone - cowboy era )
Thomas Jefferson  headstone ( US President )
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Author of Poem - Poetry )
Stan Laurel  headstone (funny, humerous celebrity)
Jayne Mansfield ( Funny, humerous celebrity)
Karl Marx  tombstone (Father of Communism)
Allan Pinkerton tombstone ( Private detective agency)
George Washington ( US President )
John Keats (Author of Poem and Poetry )
Frank Sinatra ( Celebrity singer and actor )
Oscar Wilde (Author of Poem and Poetry )
J. B Hickok, "Wild Bill" tombstone ( Cowboy era )
John Brown Dentist tombstone - funny, humerous
Unknown tombstone - funny, humerous dentist
Benjamin Franklin (Poem by Ben Frankilin )
Isaac Newton ( Often mispelled as Issac Newton)
Dean Martin headstone ( Funny, humerous celebrity )
Sir Christopher Wren (about his monument)
Jack Dempsey tombstone (Famous celebrity boxer)
Bette Davis ( Funny, humerous celebrity)
Bonnie Parker ( Bonnie and Clyde outlaws)
Carl Jung tombstone ( Swiss Pyschologist)
Virginia Woolf gravestone (Author)
Hank Williams  headstone ( Celebrity musician )
Oliver Hardy  headstone ( Funny, humerous celebrity)
William Butler Yeats (Author of Poem and Poetry )
Jefferson Davis tombstone (US Soldier)
Rupert Brooke (Author of Poem and Poetry )
Rene A. Gagnon ( American Soldier )
William Bligh ( Mutiny on the Bounty fame )
Epitaph for the Unknown Soldier
Seikilos epitaph (Greek Grave stele)

The famous epitaphs section highlights examples of epitaphs of the celebrity figures in the World, which are often found on their memorials, epitaphs or headstones. The death of a celebrity is remembered and commemorated in the words, or epitaphs, on their headstone or gravestone epitaphs. A really comprehensive view of famous epitaphs covering all aspects of unforgettable words and sayings on the epitaphs of the most famous and celebrity people can be found in the examples in this epitaphs records section. Epitaphs are important as these are often written at the time of death by the person concerned. Some of the most famous examples of epitaphs include William Shakespeare's epitaph, Isaac Newton's and Benjamin Franklin's epitaphs. Some examples of epitaphs, like Shakespeare's are far from dull and depressing and many examples of epitaphs are humerous! Epitaphs can be funny although the most humerous and funny examples of epitaphs can be found as Last Words in our section on examples of  Famous Last Words - an alternative to Epitaphs!

The famous epitaph of a celebrity can be viewed via their epitaphs on Headstones and gravestones. These famous celebrity epitaphs, epitaphs on gravestones, headstones and epitaphs on memorials can be found in graveyards and headstones around the globe. There are no fully documented records of epitaphs or headstones. Some famous celebrity epitaphs on headstones can be in the format of a poem - some of the poetry is very profound - but many headstones include a poem or poetry. Although William Shakespeare's epitaph is in the form of a poem Shakespeare's epitaph poetry is totally unlike his famous sonnets! From Shakespeare's epitaph we then look at famous cowboy epitaphs on headstones such as the cowboy and outlaw Jesse James and another well known cowboy, Billy the Kid. We have also included Will Bill Hickok although not strictly remembered as a cowboy comes from this similar genre. It is no coincidence that the words tombstone is often associated with the epitaphs and headstones of the Wild West and the cowboy. Also featured are Politician's Epitaphs, Sportsman's Epitaphs, Politician's Epitaphs, Movie Star's epitaph's.

Famous Epitaphs found in Graveyards
and on Headstones, Gravestones & Tombstones


William Shakespeare's memorial can be found in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford upon Avon. Taking a walk through a graveyard and looking at gravestones and headstones can be extremely interesting as is reading the epitaphs. The epitaphs are lasting records of people who are long gone. The quiet atmosphere of a graveyard can be very calming as are examples of an epitaphs poetry and poem. The gravestones detailing the epitaphs of ordinary folk are just as absorbing as epitaphs for famous people. Enjoy viewing a famous epitaph in your own home. Consider the reasons why a particular death might have resulted in a specific epitaph. And remember that examples of Famous Epitaphs can be very enlightening and the poem and poetry epitaph very moving. 



Famous Epitaph on Stan Laurel tomb stone. Death bed - epitaph last words of  Stan Laurel on grave & gravestone.