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Famous People Quotes
Our vast selection of famous people quotations and sayings are motivational and inspirational. These famous people span hundreds of years of history right up to the present day. The famous people featured include politicians such as Sir Winston Churchill, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and President John F. Kennedy. Famous people from the world of literature include Mark Twain and William Shakespeare. Famous people from history feature Napoleon and many American presidents. We all love the quotations and sayings from famous people from the world of entertainment. These famous people and celebrities range from Mick Jagger to Bill Cosby and Elvis Presley to Muhammad Ali.

Famous People Quotes


Famous People Quotes - A

Adams, Franklin Quotations
Ali, Muhammad Quotes
My toughest fight was
with my first wife

Allen, Fred Quotes
Allen, Gracie
Allen, Woody People Quotations
Amis, Kingsley
Aristophanes People Quotations
Aristotle Quotes
Armstrong, Neil
Asimov, Isaac

Famous People Quotes - B

Bacon, Sir Francis
"Knowledge itself is power"
Balfour, Francis Maitland
Barrie, James M.
Beckett, Samuel
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Benny, Jack Quotes
Berlin, Irving
Bismarck Quotations
Blake, William
Bohr, Niels Quotations
Bogart Humphrey

Bonaparte, Napoleon Quotes
Brabazon, Lord
Bradbury, Ray Quotations
Brando, Marlon Quotes
Braun, Wernher von
Bronte, Charlotte
Brooks, Mel Quotations
Browne, Sir Thomas
Browning, Robert
Burns, George Quotations
Burroughs, John
Burroughs, William S.
Burton, Sir Richard Francis
Bush, George Quotes
Butler, Samuel
Byron, Lord Quotations

Famous People Quotes -

Caesar, Augustus
Caesar, Julius

"Men willingly believe
 what they wish!"

Cage, John Quotes
Camus, Albert
Cantor, Eddie Quotations
Capone, Al Quotes
Carlin, George
Carlyle, Thomas
Carnegie, Dale
Carroll, Lewis Quotes
Carson, Johnny
Carter, Jimmy Quotes
Cervantes, Miguel de
Chamberlain, Jeffery F.
Chaplin, Charlie Quotations
Chekhov, Anton
Chesterfield, Lord
Chesterton, G. K.
Chevalier, Maurice
Chilton, Edward
Chopin, Kate Quotes
Christie, Agatha
Churchill, Sir Winston Quotes

Clarke, Arthur C.
Cleese, John Quotes
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Colette Quotations
Confucius Quotes
Forget injuries, never
forget kindness

Congreve William
Constable John
Coolidge Calvin Quotes
Cooper Tommy
Cosby Bill Quotes
Coward Noel Quotes
Cowper William
Crisp Quentin
Curie Marie Quotations

Famous People Quotes - D

da Silva Peter
da Vinci Leonardo
Dali Salvador
Darwin Sir Francis
Dayan Moshe
De Gaulle Charles
Demosthenes Quotations
Descartes Rene
Dick Philip K.
Dickens Charles
Dickson Gordon R
Disney Walt Quotations
Disraeli Benjamin Quotes
Domino "Fats"
Douglas Kirk
Doyle Sir Arthur Conan

"You see but you
do not observe"

Dryden John
Dumas Alexandre
Durante Jimmy
Dylan Bob Quotations

Famous People Quotes - E

Eastwood Clint
Ecclesiastes Quotations
Edison Thomas Alva Quotes
Einstein Albert Quotes
Eisenhower Dwight D Quotes
Eliot George
Eliot T. S
Ellington Duke

Epictetus Quotes
Epicurus Quotations

"Leave no stone unturned"

Famous People Quotes - F

Faldo Nick Quotations
Falkland Lord
Fielding Henry
Fields W C
Fitzgerald F Scott
Flynn Errol Quotes
Ford Henry
Frank Anne Quotations e
Franklin Benjamin
Freud Sigmund
Fripp Robert
Frost David

Famous People Quotes - G

Galileo Quotations
Gallup George
Gandhi Indira
Gandhi Mahatma
Honest differences are often
a healthy sign of progress"

Getty John Paul
Gide Andre Quotations
Grant Cary Quotations
Robert Graves

Famous People Quotes - H

Heinlein Robert Quotations
Hemingway Ernest Quotes
Hepburn Katharine
Heraclitus Quotations
Herbert George
Herschel John Quotations
Hill Benny Quotations
Hippocrates Quotations
Hitchcock Alfred

Hitler Adolf Quotes

"What luck for rulers that
 men do not think!"

Hoffer Eric Quotations
Homer Quotations

Famous People Quotes - J

Jagger Mick Quotations
James P D Quotations
Jefferson Thomas Quotes
Jerome Jerome K
Jung Carl Gustav

Famous People Quotes - K

Kennedy John F Quotes
Kerr Jean Quotations
Khrushchev Nikita
King Charles I
King Edward VIII
King Farouk
King Martin Luther Quotes

"We must learn to live
together as brothers"

Kingsley Charles
Kissinger Henry
Knopf Alfred A
Koestler Arthur
Koran Quotations
Kozol Jonathan
Kubrick Stanley
Kupcinet Irv
Kuralt Charles

Famous People Quotes - L

La Fontaine
Ladman Cathy
Lamb Charles
Landers Ann
Lao-tzu Quotes
Lasch Christopher
Law Vernon Sanders

Leacock Stephen
Leahy Frank Quotes
Leahy Senator Patrick

Famous Quotes Site Map

Famous People Quotes


Famous People Quotes

William Shakespeare Quotes
Hamlet Quotes
Romeo and Juliet
Macbeth Quotes
Julius Caesar
Othello Quotes

Famous People Quotes - L

Leary Timothy
Lebowitz Fran
Lec Stanislaw
Lee Robert E
Lehman John Quotes
Lenin Quotations

"A lie told often enough
 becomes the truth"

Lennon John Quotes
Letterman David
Levant Oscar
Levenson Sam
Levin Alex Quotations
Lewis Richard Quotes
Lewis Sinclair
Lichtenberg Georg Christoph
Liddy G. Gordon
Lincoln Abraham Quotes
Livius Titus
Lombardi Vince
London Jack
Longfellow Henry Wadsworth
Lucas E V

Famous People Quotes - M

MacArthur General Douglas
Macaulay Lord
Madonna Quotations
Malcom X Quotes
Mandela Nelson
Manutius Aldus
Mao Tse-Tung
Martialis Marcus Valerius
Martin Dean Quotations
Marx Groucho Quotes
Marx Karl Quotes
Masefield John

"The man who runs
 may fight again"

Meir Golda
Menninger Dr. Karl
Milligan Spike
Monroe Marilyn
More Sir Thomas
Mother Teresa

Famous People Quotes - N

Newhart Bob Quotations

Newton Isaac Quotes
Nixon Richard Quotations
Norris Chuck
"Men are like steel. When
 they lose their temper,
 they lose their worth"

Famous People Quotes - O

O'Rourke P. J.
Oates Captain Lawrence
Oppenheimer J. Robert
Orwell George
Ovid Quotations

Famous People Quotes - P

Pascal Blaise
Pasteur Louis
Patton George Quotes
Pavlov Ivan
Penn William
Petronius Gaius

"One good turn deserves

Picasso Pablo
Pindar Quotations
Plato Quotations
Plautus Titus Maccius
Pliny the Elder
Pliny the Younger
Plutarch Quotations
Poe Edgar Allan
Polybius Quotations
Pope Alexander
Preece Sir William
Presley Elvis Quotes
Princess Diana
Propertius Sextus

"Absence makes the
 heart grow fonder"

Protagoras Quotaes
Proust Marcel
Ptahhotep Quotes

Famous People Quotes - Q

Quayle Dan
Queen Victoria Quotes

Quintilianus Marcus Fabius

Famous People Quotes - R

Rather Dan
Reagan Ronald Quotes
Renard Jules
Renatus Flavius Vegetius
Richardson Sir Ralph
Rickenbacker Eddie
Rockefeller John D.
Rodin Quotations
Rooney Mickey
"You always pass failure
 on the way to success"

Roosevelt Franklin D. Quotes
Roosevelt Theodore
Russell Bertrand

Famous People Quotes - S

Sagan Carl
Saint Francis of Assisi
Saint Theresa of Jesus
Saki Quotations
Salisbury Lord
Schulz Charles M.
Seinfeld Jerry
Sellers Peter
Serling Rod
Setanti Joaquin
Sewell George
Shakespeare William Quotes

Shaw George Bernard

"Lack of money is the
 root of all evil"

Shearer Harry
Sockman Ralph W.
Socrates Quotations
Solon Quotes
Solzhenitsyn Alexander
Sophocles Quotations
Sowell Thomas
Stalin Joseph
Stefansson Vilhjalmur
Stengel Casey
Stevenson Robert Louis
Stilwell General Joseph W

"Don't let the bastards
 grind you down"

Stoppard Tom
Strindberg August
Sun-tzu Quotations
Swift Jonathan
Syrus Publilius

Famous People Quotes - T

Tennyson Alfred Lord
Tertullianus Quintus Septimius
Thatcher Margaret
Theisman Joe
Tolstoy Leo
Truman Harry S.
Twain Mark Quotes

"Truth is more of a stranger
 than fiction"

Tyler Willie

Famous People Quotes - U

Ustinov Peter

Famous People Quotes - V

Virgil Quotations
Voltaire Quotations

Famous People Quotes - W

Warhol Andy
Washington George Quotes
Wayne John
Wellesley - Duke of Wellington
Welles Orson

Wells H. G.
West Mae

Whitehead Alfred North
Wilde Oscar

Wilder Billy
William of Wykeham

"Manners maketh man"
Wilson Woodrow
Winfrey Oprah
Wolfe Tom
Wordsworth William
Wright C. Kent
Wright Frank Lloyd
Wright Steven
X Malcolm Quotations
Younger Evelle J
Youngman Henny
Zappa Frank
Zeno Quotations
Zeuxis Quotes

"Criticism comes
easier than craftmanship"

Zwanzig Carl

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Famous People Quotes


Famous People Quotations

Famous People Quotes

Famous People Quotations

Famous People Quotes

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Famous People Quotations

Famous People Quotes

Famous People Quotations

Famous People Quotes

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Famous People Quotations

Famous People Quotes

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Famous People Quotes

Famous People Quotes

Famous People Quotes

Famous People Quotes

Famous People Quotes and Sayings

Famous People Quotes

The many famous people quotes listed above are well known for their legendary and sometimes notorious famous people quotes and quotations. Some of these famous people quotes will be familiar and an example of the famed verbal and spoken communication or famous people quotes used by the famous people and celebrities. The famous people quotes of these celebrated, eminent, distinguished and prominent celebrities (often notorious or infamous people quotes) and people provide a vast selection of famous funny people quotes, motivational people quotes, love quotes, inspirational people quotes, cute people quotes, movie people quotes, political people quotes and sad people quotes from famous people! Common mis-spellings are Qoutes, Qoute, Qoutation and Qoutations by famous people.

Famous People Quotations
These famous people quotes can be in the form of extracts, passages or lines from famous speeches and famous people quotes providing an illustration of or allusion citing the famous events of the day by the famous people of the day. Use passages and lines taken as direct citations from the speeches and famous people quotes using the language and words used by the famous people in their own language and dialect. Famous Quotes from William Shakespeare, Famous Quotes from Sir Winston Churchill and Famous Quotes by Martin Luther King are highly recommended as excellent examples of celebrated and persuasive famous people quotes. All of these well-known people are famous for their powers of verbal and oral communication all making excellent use of the words and language of their native tongue. Common mis-spellings are Qoutes, Qoute, Qoutation and Qoutations by famous people.


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