Nursery rhyme relecting the peaceful life in the English country with no connection of the lyrics in history for the origins

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Little Boy Blue: lyrics

Origins of the story
Unlike other Nursery Rhymes the words and lyrics cannot be closely connected to any historical figure in European history. There is, however, a doubtful theory that 'Little Boy Blue' could refer to Cardinal Thomas Wolsey dating back to English Tudor history (although the origins and lyrics cannot be connected to any events in his life). Neither does the rhyme have a moral objective or used to demonstrates any specific use of the English language. The most common belief is that the origins of this nursery are not based on actual events or people in history but  is merely a reflection of peaceful country life which would appeal to the imagination of a young child


Little Boy Blue come blow your horn,
The sheep's in the meadow the cow's in the corn.
But where is the boy who looks after the sheep?
He's under a haystack fast asleep.
Will you wake him? No, not I - for if I do, he's sure to cry

Little Boy Blue nursery rhyme: origins & history