Nursery rhyme lyrics with its history and origins in English history

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Old King Cole: lyrics

Nursery rhyme lyrics based in history origins dating back to 3rd century
Old King Cole ruled part of Britain in the third century. He is reputed to have built the English town of Colchester. In Colchester there is the site of a  Roman gravel pit which is still known today as 'King Cole's Kitchen.'  
Cole or "Godebog" was a Dark Age British King, and, a descendant of Britain's pre-Saxon & pre-Roman royal house. The Tudor Kings, starting with Henry VII, claimed to descend from this royal lineage in attempt to further  legitimise the Tudor claim to the English throne.


Old King Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he;
He called for his pipe in the middle of the night
And he called for his fiddlers three.
Every fiddler had a fine fiddle, and a very fine fiddle had he;
Oh there's none so rare as can compare
With King Cole and his fiddlers three.

Old King Cole nursery rhyme: origins and history