Famous Slogans!

Have fun remembering the famous advertising slogans used by various companies as an aid to the advertising, publicity, promotion and marketing of a vast variety of different products. Many of these famous slogans are so well known that they have entered our everyday language and used as quotes and quotations. Famous and familiar advertising slogans are now seen as clever sayings and catchwords used as mottos and catchphrases to identify various brands. Famous advertising slogans have been made even more popular and memorable by the addition of catchy jingles - great examples of celebrated ad slogans. The most famous and well-known advertising slogans are familiar as they are humorous and funny ad slogans for example "Beanz Meanz Heinz" and who can forget the legendary slogan, "Put a Tiger in Your Tank". The most famous advertising slogans have been included in this section. Enter below for all of the Famous Advertising Slogans

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1. Ariston Advertising Slogan 2. Anadin Advertising Slogan 3. Alka-Seltzer Advertising Slogan
4. American Express Slogan 5. Apple Computers Slogan 6. Charles Atlas Advertising Slogan
7. Abbey National Slogan 8. Alba Dry Milk Slogan 9. Barclays Bank Slogan
10. Barnum and Bailey Circus Slogan 11. Budweiser Beer Slogan 12. Burger King Advertising Slogan
13. Carlsberg Advertising Slogan 14. Calgon Slogan 15. Coca Cola Ad Slogan
16. Coco Pops Slogan 17. Camay Soap Ad Slogan 18. Campbell's Soups Slogan
19. Clairol Hair Coloring Slogan 20. Coca-Cola Slogan 21. Courage Beer Ad Slogan
22. CNN Advertising Slogan 23. Energizer Batteries Slogan 24. ESSO Advertising Slogan
25. Eggs Advertising Slogan 26. Kelloggs Frosties Slogan 27. Gillette Advertising Slogan
28. Goodyear Tires Ad Slogan 29. Guinness Brewery Slogan 30. HSBC Advertising Slogan
31. Heinz Baked Beans Slogan 32. Hershey's Candy Slogan 33. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Slogan
34. Jockey Underwear Ad Slogan 35. Iceland Advertising Slogan 36. Intel Advertising Slogan
37. Kentucky Fried Chicken Slogan 38. L'Oreal  Advertising Slogan 39. Lotto Advertising Slogan
40. Mars Advertising Slogan 41. McDonalds Ad Slogan 42. M & M's Candy Slogan
43. Mars Candy Bars Slogan 44. National Airlines Slogan 45. Nat. Milk Council
46. Nike Advertising Slogan 47. Orange Advertising Slogan 48. Pepsi Cola Advertising Slogan
49. Playstation 2 Advertising Slogan 50. Remington Ad Slogan 51. Shreddies Advertising Slogan
52. Stella Artois Advertising Slogan 53. Twister Advertising Slogan 54. Singapore Airlines Slogan
55. Verison Wireless Ad 56. Wella Advertising Slogan 57. Johnnie Walker Slogan
58. Yellow Pages Advertising Slogan 59. General Electric Ad Slogan 60. Zanussi Advertising Slogan

Famous Slogans

The most celebrated Slogans of all time have been included in this collection of famous Advertising Slogans. Popular ad slogans have proved to be so successful that they have become part of our culture. We associate the famed slogans with various brands and products. Ad Slogans have proved to be so successful that questions about them have been included in many famous Quiz shows on the television. So, if you are thinking of entering such a program, then familiarize yourself with the most famous slogans by browsing through this section. Test your memory and your knowledge of these famous advertising slogans and enjoy taking a trip down memory lane!

Famous Slogans

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Famous Slogans

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