Famous Women Speeches!

Famous Women Speeches


A great select of the greatest speeches from the world's most famous women! The words from these famous women  are rousing, motivational and filled with emotion - as are all of the best speeches. The essence of the most persuasive speeches is the  inspirational and informative quality that  these types of speeches possess. The whole of the text of each speech topic is included and is not confined to just fragments of these women speeches. Details of the most persuasive and famous women speeches can be accessed from the following 'Famous Women speeches' in alphabetical order.

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Famous Speeches & Speech Topics

Speeches by Famous Women

On The Pulse Of Morning
Maya Angelou - American Poet

 After Being Convicted Of Voting In The 1872 Presidential Election
Susan B. Anthony

On Growth And Poverty Reduction
Nancy Birdsall

Signing of the Brady Gun Control Bill
Sarah Brady

Nobel Lecture - The Chinese Novel
Pearl S. Buck

Stand Up for America Rally Speech
Beth Chapman

Equal Rights For Women
Shirley Chisholm

Women's Rights Are Human Rights
Hillary Clinton

On the Discovery of Radium
Marie Curie

Responding To Landmines
Princess Diana

On the Death of Princess Diana
by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Martin Luther King
by Indira Gandhi

Free Speech
by Erica Jong

Strike Against War
Helen Keller

On piracy and music
Courtney Love

For The Attainment Of Peace
by Golda Meir

The National Prayer Breakfast
by Mother Teresa

Her Days As A Slave
by Mary Reynolds

Republican National Convention
Condoleezza Rice

Trading With Principles
Anita Roddick

What Libraries Mean To The Nation
Eleanor Roosevelt

First Anniversary of the American Equal Rights Association
by Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Ain't I A Woman?
Sojourner Truth

54th Annual EMMY Awards
Oprah Winfrey

Gay Rights March On Washington
Urvashi Vaid

Speeches by Famous Women


Speeches by Famous Women

The best speeches by famous women of all time have been included in this collection of speeches by famous women. They include the most persuasive talks by topics. Many speeches, like the " Ain't I a Woman " speech by Sojourner Truth relate to the freedom of speech. One of the most persuasive speakers, with the most powerful speeches of all time of all time must be by Princess Diana.  The topics of speeches vary according to situations but the most speeches by famous women relate to times of crisis.

View the selection of speeches and their topics. The speeches featured are in the form of extracts, passages or lines from speeches by famous women and quotes citing an illustration of, or allusion to, the famous events of the day. Use passages and lines taken as direct citations from the speeches by famous women and quotes using the language and words used by the famous person in their own language and dialect. All of these well-known women are famous for their powers of verbal and oral communication all making excellent use of the words and language of their native tongue. We cannot say that you will be able to emulate the style and persuasive approach when writing  speeches but you will have fun looking through the various words and subjects of speeches. speeches by famous women are often mis-spelt / mistyped as famous speaches and famuos speechs. Name mis-quotes : Speaches - Speechs - Famuos - Speach 

Speeches by Famous Women

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Speeches by Famous Women

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